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About us



  • Approved Training Organizzation N. IT.ATO.0009
  • Aerial Work Operator N. I-045LA

Welcome in Sunrise Aviation...

SUNRISE Aviation S.r.l. was founded in 2006 by the dedication and passion of its members,

Today is a training center for civilian pilots recognized in Europe and a professional and consolidated operator of aerial work.

SUNRISE team is qualified and offers to the company all their experience gained in the international aviation scene,

scrupulously follows the European Regulation, makes as his vocation a professional operative standard and always focused on the lens SAFETY.

Through the titles and the competence of the STAFF, the ATO has leaned on the international market and has become a excellent training center,

in which the different airline operators can search exceptional professional  pilots,

where the private pilot who approaches the flight for enjoyment or tourism will find a healthy environment pleasant and safe,

where anyone can renew and increase his aeronautical culture,

where the visitor generally can aspire to a human experience and practice of true quality.

In the aerial work sector this company, which approaches the first decade of activity, offers high quality services, uses certified and guaranteed materials, offers versatility and continuous availability to its customers and is now recognized all over the country.


  • Flight School

    The school has the privilege to provide and conduct the following Part-FCL training courses: LIGHT AIRCRAFT PILOT...continua»

  • Gliding

      Defined by many as the real flight ... is the most elegant expression of the aviation world ... Starting this...continua»

  • TEA

    Sunrise Aviation collabora con examiners di Language Proficiency  (Test of English for Aviation – TEA) per esami di...continua»