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Corsi \ Flight Instructor (A)

Flight Instructor (A)

The aim of the Flight Instructor FI(A) course is to train the applicant on how to teach to the student pilot to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules and to obtain the privileges of the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating FI(A).


Theoretical Knowledge Instruction:

  • at least 100 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction, including progress tests and
  • 25 hours of teaching and learning


Flight Instruction:

  • at least 30 hours of flight instruction of which:
    • 25 hours dual flight instruction, of which 5 hours may be conducted in an FFS, an FNPT I or II or an FTD 2/3 and
    • 5 hrs of mutual flight


Sunrise Aviation ATO FI Training Program will be normally developed in about 7 weeks.