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Corsi \ Class Rating Instructor CRI (A) SEP – MEP

Class Rating Instructor CRI (A) SEP – MEP

It allows you to acquire the qualification of Flight Instructor for CRI (A) aircraft class and enable you to teach the notions of conduct of single-engine and twin-engine aircraft.
1 flight of approximately 1 hour for Assessment of Competence with FCL.905.FI (J) accredited Flight Instructor

Theoretical part:

  • 35 hours of theoretical lessons in the classroom of which:
    • 25 hours of “Teaching and Learning”;
    • 10 hours of theoretical instruction of technical training.

Practical part SEP:

  • 3 hours of training on a / m Single Engine Piston SEP (A).

Practical part MEP:

  • 5 hours of training on a / m Multi Engine Piston MEP (A).

In order to obtain the qualification, the member will have to pass a practical skills assessment test on board of at least 1 hour of flight with the Flight Instructor Examiner FIE.

The course normally lasts 10 working days.