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Corsi \ Instrumental Flight Instructor Rating IRI (A)

Instrumental Flight Instructor Rating IRI (A)

It enables the qualification of IRI Instrument Flight Instructor (A) and enables the teaching of the notions of aircraft handling with the sole help of flight instruments.

1 flight of approximately 1 hour for Assessment of Competence with an accredited Flight Instructor FCL.905.FI (J)

Theoretical Part:

  • 125 hours of theoretical classroom lessons of which:
    • 25 hours of “Teaching and Learning”;
    • 100 hours of theoretical instruction, including assessment tests.

Theoretical Part:
10 hours training on a/p Single Engine Piston SEP (A) with FI Flight Instructor accredited FCL.905.FI (J);

In order to obtain the licence, the candidate will have to pass a practical test of at least 1 hour flight time with a FIE Flight Instructor Examiner.

The course normally lasts 10 working days.

NOTE: In order to extend your IRI Instrument Flight Instructor privileges on Multi Engine Piston MEP aircraft, you must successfully complete the CRI (A) Aircraft Class Flight Instructor course on Multi Engine Piston MEP (A) aircraft. ( )